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Boat Rentals
All watercraft rentals include lifejackets

Full Day
Three Person Canoe
Recommended for two adults or one child or dog
Stand Up Paddle Board
Ever wanted to try stand up paddle boarding? Well try it here on our calm, shallow, glass like lake. We have a couple available for rental.
Single Adult Kayak
Small plastic kayak, includes oar and life jacket
Child Kayak
Small plastic kayak, includes oar and life jacket
Paddle Boat
Rides two adults and two children
14' Aluminum Boat
Recommended for three adults
25' Pontoon Boat
Max 15 people @ 150 lbs, includes one tank or gas at 5 gallons
Not available
Trolling Motor
Included is set up & one battery charge

Other items available for rent at our resort:

Air Mattress
Queen or full air mattress incudes one fill
Life jacket
Required by WI state law, included with resort rented boats
30Amp adapter
30A M to 50A F or 30A M to 120 F
Includes grill, grate, flipper and tongs
Fire grate/grill
Use of one over-the-fire grate
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