Read All the Information on this page if you intend to bring a pet.

Pets are welcome at Wildwood Haven Resort and Campground, however, you as a pet owner must follow the pets rules or you and your pet will be asked to leave and/or fined. 

By entering the private property of Wildwood Haven Resort and Campground, LLC, as a guest, you are agreeing to all the rules of the property.  If you do not agree to these rules, please find another place to stay.  We are very strict about the rules as we want your pets to travel with you in a safe and healthy way. 



You must have you pet on a non retractable leash no longer than 6 ft when outside of your camping area.  Within your camping area your pet may be kenneled, on leash or on a tether short enough that your pet can not travel to another camp site.  The pet is required to be under your control at all times.

Pick-up after your pet

It is absolutely required that you pick up after your pet - no matter where they go. 
If they defecate in the woods, you go into the woods to retrieve it.  There is no place where feces is allowed to be left behind.
Domestic animal feces spread diseases to other dogs and to humans.  It can contaminate the water that your are consuming or swimming in, it can contaminate the land you are walking on and the things you touch.  Do not put yourself or others at risk, clean up. 
THERE ARE NO EXCUSES, your dog is on a 6ft or less leash, you will see them go, so pick it up. If you do not have pick up bags, we have them at the store. If you are just lazy, you will be black listed and fined.
This is serious, everyone's health depends on it.

Max number of pets

Maximum of two pets per campsite or cabin. Mix or match dogs, cats, rabbits or what have you, max two animals. Any more than that, please find another campground or book additional sites.

Pet free areas

There is only one place your pet cannot go with you and that is the sandy beach, swimming area. Health codes prohibit pets in these areas. Thank you for understanding. If you want to play in the water with you leashed pet, you may enter the water by the boat landing but be aware that boats have the right of way.
Pets are welcome in our store and we do sell dog treats, however, be considerate if others are in the store and wait patiently outside with your pup until the others are out. Not everyone likes your pet and some children and adults are terrified of them, so be a good & considerate human.

Off leash zones

zip, zilch, nada. The only place where your pet may be off leash while on our private property, is inside your private property. If they are in your vehicle, tent or trailer of course they are fine being off leash but be very careful they don't run out the door after something.