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Read All the Information on this page if you intend to bring a pet.

A maximum of two pets are welcome at Wildwood Haven Resort and Campground, per site.  You, as a pet owner or guardian, must follow the pets rules or you and your pet may be asked to leave and/or fined. 

By entering the private property of Wildwood Haven Resort and Campground, LLC, as a guest, you are agreeing to abide by all the rules of the property.  If you do not agree to kindly follow the rules please find another campground to stay at as our policies are in place to ensure everyone has a wonderful and safe time.  

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You must have your pet on a non-retractable leash no longer than 6 ft when outside of your camping tent, trailer or cabin. Within your camping area, your pet may be kenneled, gated, on leash or a tether short enough that your pet can not travel to another camp site or interfere with the shared spaces or driveways.
E-COLLARS ARE NOT ALLOWED a physical restraint must be in use and the physical restraint must be anchored or physically in someone's hand at all times.
Your pet is required to be under your control and supervision at all times. If your pet is a nuisance to other campers, you will be asked to leave. The only place where your pet may be off leash while on our private property, is inside your private property. If they are in your vehicle, tent or trailer of course they are fine being off leash but be very careful they don't run out the door after something.
Any pet outside must be leashed, with a physical restraint, no exceptions.


It is absolutely required that you pick up after your pet - no matter where they go. 
If they defecate in the woods, you go into the woods to retrieve it.  There is no place where feces is allowed to be left behind.
Domestic animal feces spread diseases to other dogs and to humans.  It can contaminate the water that you are consuming or swimming in, the land you are walking on and the things you touch.  Do not put yourself or others at risk, clean it up and wash your hands.
THERE ARE NO EXCUSES, your dog is on a 6ft or less leash, so you will see them go, so pick it up. If you do not have pick up bags, we have them at the store. If you are just lazy, you will be asked to leave AND fined.
This is serious, everyone's health depends on it.

Max two pets

Maximum of two pets per campsite or cabin. Mix or match dogs, cats, rabbits or what have you, max two animals. Any more than that, please find another campground or book additional sites.
Horses can be approved for stays in rustic sites only and must be planned with management prior to arrival, all pet rules apply.

No Pet Area

Your pet is not allowed on the sandy beach swimming area or on the children’s play equipment. Health codes prohibit pets in these areas. Thank you for understanding. If you want to play in the water with your leashed pet, you may enter the water by the boat landing but be aware that boats have the right of way and your pet must stay on their leash.
Pets are welcome in our camp store and we do sell dog treats, however, be considerate if others are in the store, please wait patiently outside with your pup until the others are out. Not everyone likes pets and some children and adults are uncomfortable around them, so please be a good & considerate human.

Full Vaccinations

Please understand we want to ensure the health and safety of all of our guests, not to mention your adorable pet. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination for your pet. Up to date vaccinations are required.


We love puppies so we hate saying this but it's in the interest of your pet's health, pets younger than 12 weeks (without full vaccinations) are absolutely not allowed. Please consider their safety and leave them with a care taker if your pet is young and without full protection from the diseases they may encounter while traveling. Pets that are not trained to defecate outside are not allowed in any cabin, puppy pads are not acceptable.

Never Unattended

Your pet may never be left unattended. Even if they are left in your air-conditioned trailer, it is not allowed, our power does go out from time to time and you could be leaving your pet in a situation that could quickly become fatal. If your dog is left barking, Animal Control will be called. If you cared enough to take your pet on vacation, take them with you or leave them home. There are many pet day care facilities in Ashland and Ironwood and overnight kennels if you need them. Please ask or Google them if you need a pet sitter.


Meet our
Camp Dogs


Gadget & Lego


Gadget has been here since our day one and is very protective of the garage but will roll over for belly rubs almost anywhere else in the campground.

Camp Dog - Gadget


Lego is our new puppy, her first season was 2023.  Everything was new and scary so she was quite shy.  You were lucky if she came to you for pets. 

Camp dog - Lego
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