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We are privileged here at Wildwood Haven Resort and Campground to be located in an area with extremely low light pollution.  This allows us to see the milky way with the naked eye, the Northern Lights - if they're out - and so many stars, you'd think they were fake. 


Going into 2024/25 we are heading into a solar maximum which may mean and increased likelihood for the Aurora Borealis to make appearances.   In order to see them and to preserve the precious resource of the night sky we operate a "low light camp" this means we do not have a lot of exterior illumination.  We also request that out guests do the same and are considerate of those visiting us to stargaze.  This means we ask our guests to keep their exterior lights extremely low or completely off after quiet hours so we can all see the night sky.  We also ask our cabin guests to shut their blinds at night to keep that light in, again, so we can all see the beauty overhead.

We are working hard to raise awareness, encourage enthusiasm and inspire reconnection under the stars. 

Wildwood Haven Resort and Campground, LLC is a proud member of the Dark Sky International.

Follow some of our links below for more information:

Constellations visible tonight:

Solar Ham:

Light Pollution Map:

Aurora Borealis 30 minute Forecast:

Check out when is the next meteor shower:

Let us know if you have a helpful link or if you're part of an Astronomy Club/group/society that would like a link listed or would like to schedule a group stargazing event. 

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