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Campfires & Firewood


WISCONSIN STATE LAW PROHIBITS THE TRANSPORTATION OF FIREWOOD. Therefore, outside wood is not allowed, it is ILLEGAL to have onsite. You may legally purchase CERTIFIED firewood from the town of Mellen or at our camp store. Our firewood is available 24/7 for $6 bundle.

Campfires are allowed in designated rings only and must be attended at all times by an adult. Do NOT leave fires burning unattended. Unattended fires must be dead out – cold to touch. Fires will be banned if local area is under Fire Danger Conditions.

Please do not cut, chop, deface, destroy, nail or screw to any of our trees or foliage. Any of the aforementioned are considered vandalism and will be treated as such. You may gather down and dead branches for kindling, no larger than your wrist, and nothing from standing trees.

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