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Foxy Guests

red fox in the snow
Stock Photo of a Red Fox

To clarify, I'm talking about animals.

I'm happy to share that we've had a red fox visiting our campground, this winter season.

I have seen her every now and then but she has been an elusive lady to catch on camera.

Red fox exiting her den
Red Fox under the Northern Retreat Cabin

It took me a while to figure out that she has been dennig up under the Northern Retreat Cabin. Once determined, I set up a camera to see if she really was making our resort her home.

Sure enough, under the backside of the cabin she has a little entryway.

As of right now, she poses no threat and is actually very welcome.

a red fox hunts around the cabins
Red Fox on patrol at Wildwood Haven

This fox is a great mouser. She has been making her rounds from cabin to cabin, patrolling and taking care of things better than any paid pest control company.

It makes me happy to see animals around the resort. It's a sign to me that the boundary between the resort and nature is a blurry one and what we are doing as a business is in harmony and respectful to the nature around us.

I understand that any man made structure or alteration to the land is invasive and not a natural interaction but I like to see that what the business is doing is not completely detrimental and irrevocably damaging to the surrounding environment and wildlife.

Stock Photo
Stock Photo of a Red Fox

In that regard, I'm hoping to see this fox bring in a few kits this spring. By time we open for the season, they should be well old enough to venture out on their own. I am just hoping I could provide a bit of a safe shelter to the fox before the season starts.

Lego (my dog) has taken a real liking to the fox. She runs to the den every morning to see if she can find her friend. Usually the fox skirts out long before Lego can catch up. Lego's presence & interest hasn't scared her off, however, I know she'll officially move on once the guest commotion builds, but for now, she is a welcome sign. Maybe I should name her?

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